Frequently Asked Questions

I Saw You in My Neighborhood. How Can I book An Appointment?

You can either call the number on the side of my grooming trailer, and leave a message, send me a text, or go ahead and request an appointment here on the website. If I don't have an appointment available in your timeframe of the request, you can join my waiting list and I can pull you from there if I have a cancellation.

What Do You Charge For Your Services?

Since every pet's grooming needs are different, it's difficult to quote a price over the phone. I will give you an estimated quote based on the description of your pet. Grooming prices are based on many factors including your pet's specific coat, condition, style, and temperament.

I Will Not Be Home the Day of My Pet's Grooming. Can She Still Be Groomed?

Absolutely! Latch-key appointments are available at no extra charge. Just make sure your pet is confined to a small room or area of your yard. As much as I do need the exercise, due to my schedule, I don't have time to play "catch me if you can."

How Often Should My Pet Be Groomed?

Every four weeks is always the best schedule for dogs to be groomed regardless of coat type. Not only does it make him or her smell much better, but four-week grooming appointments are also best for skin and the condition of the coat.